Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun in Charlotte!!!

I am soooooo excited to be moving to Charlotte.. there are a million reasons why I think I will love this move! I will spare you all million! Two weeks ago when I was down visiting Brian we did a few of my favorite being shopping... I will be minutes from a mall... the second being going to a sporting event.. this may be a surprise but after growing up going to Dodger games i really developed a love for going to games.... now don't even think about making me watch it on t.v. BORING!!! Anyway, we got to go to one of the many Charlotte teams games... We went to the Bobcats vs Pacers game.. We had a great time!!! Also one of the cheerleaders had the best hair ever!!! I even thought of asking her about what products she uses.. I should have snapped a pic of her..... next game!