Thursday, June 18, 2009


Brian and I have been packing and moving for a while now, umm since March... In all of our cleaning out we had developed quite the junk pile (it took over the garage).  So it's no surprise that when the Bunker Hill Elementary School's annual PTA yard sale came around we were EXCITED! We had a ton of stuff to get rid off and were ready to go! Debbie and Dave (Brian's parents) came up to help us! Seeing how neither of us had any yard sale experience we had the bargain site... people jut couldn't believe our prices... and we couldn't believe anyone would pay ANYTHING for our old stuff. The people watching was also entertaining. We set up long side the "other Mrs. Williams" (one of my teacher friends) and together we sold, sold and sold. Our favorite part of the whole event was our view!!! 

This was the view...  this lady was set up across from us!  She was so funny every time we looked over she had less clothing on! 

Some teacher friends working hard! The one in the black shirt is a Mrs. Williams too!

Brian looking good!

Me & Miss Becca Grace being silly!

Dave and Debbie supervising! We always have a great time with them!