Tuesday, November 3, 2009


After Searching since July we have found a house... YAHOOO! We are so excited!!! I will post more pictures soon. We cant wait to get into it and unpack all of the stuff we have been missing for the past few months. There have been so many times when we have looked for something only to realize it is in the garage... the garage of our apartment is backed floor to ceiling wall to wall and is currently the black hole that has gobbled a ton of our stuff.

A little about the house it is the city of Waxhaw a suburb of Charlotte. It is about 20 minutes away from Brian's job. We have friends who live in the subdivision (The Brewer-Nann Family) and so we will know at least one neighbor. The house was a foreclosure so we have a few projects that will keep us busy but since Brian is so handy we will have things looking great in no time. I am sure I will post each of these home improvement projects. We are going to be closing the week after Thanksgiving. So I am excited to be in the house for Christmas.
More pictures still to come!


This year we took Ellie, her boy friend Spencer, and Spencer's mom Shannon with us to BARKTOBERFEST. It is a huge dog party. There were a ton of dogs... lots of treats....and costume contests. Most of the crazy pet owners in Charlotte were out and it was some great people watching. My favorites were the dog being a camel, and the dog who was James bond in a tux with his owner wearing an evening gown. Of course we dressed Ellie as a princess (it was her same costume from last year buy hey there is a recession going on so we saved a few bucks) and no we did not dress up to match her maybe next year! It was the largest crowd of dogs she has ever been around and I think Brian was more nervous than Ellie... He kept picking her up and holding her because "there were too many big dogs around"... he was being very protective and it was so cute!