Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break/ Easter

I teach at a YEAR ROUND school (I know what was I thinking, right). This will stink when I only have 5 weeks off during the summer but it was great for spring break TWO WEEKS OFF! My two weeks were not school free...I decided to go threw ALL of my files and clean them out. What a task! I also spent some time with a few of my friends in the sun and I'm happy to say that I have the start of a great tan!

Brian's aunt and cousins all stopped by on their way down to their beach house... Yes it was tempting to hide in their trunk and stow away for a few days at the beach! We had a great time visiting and having dinner. I was excited to meet Brian's cousin Tiffany. She meet my expectations and was as great and nice as I had had been told. I tagged along on a couple of work adventures Brian went on and was happy to get to spend extra time with him. This hole 2 weeks of spring break should go national!

Brian, his aunt Melanie, his cousins Seth and Tiffany, Tiffany's daughters Avery and Kaili

Kaili and Ellie

Brian, Whitney, Avery

Brian Being a cute cousin!

We went up to Virginia for Easter and spent the weekend with Brian's mom, sister, and grandparents. It was a crazy fast whirlwind trip but we loved seeing everyone. Brian's grandpa has very interesting stories and he intrigues me. I love asking him questions! Brian got to go to priesthood session (if you don't know what that is its a a church thing) with his grandpa, they used to go together so it brought back some good memories for both of them.

Brian and his Grandpa Glen

We loved being able to see them and get away for the weekend.