Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Week of Williams

This past week we had Biran's Big brother, Jared came to visit. He lives in Jackson Hole so the sun and high 80's were pretty exciting for him. We LOVED having him here and we wish he lived here in Charlotte! (Hint, hint Jared). While he was here we introduced him to some of what the Carolina's have to offer... beautiful women, good food, and hard red clay dirt! We tried to have some fun and let him rest but Brian loves to do projects so they worked and joked and worked some more.

Brian and Jared on a hike in SC

Brian and Jared

They fixed a leak on the roof.

They changed the out side lights.

They tore apart a window and fixed it.

They added dirt and mulch to the flower beds and front yard, well EVERYONE helped with this. (the boys bought pallets 60 bags of top soil and 2 truck loads of mulch it was quite the task)

Brian and Jared working Hard!

Most improtantly they
put closet organizers in the master closets. So now I have a "Sex in the City closet" compleate with bright lighiting, a full length mirror, and tons of storage space. Thank you my very own Mr. Big and his Big brother.



The trip wasn't all work and no play... we had more Williams come and visit ( Brian's Mom and Dave, and sister Jennie all came down to visit. We were hoping to get all of the east coast family down here to see Jared and celebrate Brian's moms Birthday... maybe next time.

Brian, Whitney, Ellie, and Jennie

Debbie and Dave

Brian, Jennie, Debbie, and Jared

We had a great time with everyone. We ALL spent Friday working in the yard and got tons done. His family was a HUGE help and our yard looks 100 times better. We loved grilling out, playing games, and visiting with his family. It is always good to see family.