Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We had a fun filled summer and it is about time I post something about it. It came and went way to fast. Here is a recap of the Highlights.

We went to Atlanta 3 times... for the 4th of July, to buy fabric for a project (I'll get into that later in this post), to check on my Grandpa (he had his knee replaced) and of course to visit with our family.

I spent some time at the pool mostly with my friend Michelle.

We went to Orlando, Fl.

Us in FLORIDA. We didn't take pictures we didn't have our memory card in our camera... Oops! This is a cheesy phone camera pic.

Then there was my favorite part of summer... When my mom came to visit for a couple of weeks. You might think thats a long time to have your mom visit but we had a great time and did not want to send her back to L.A. While my mom was at my house we embarked on a major HGTVish project. My mom and I tend to think we can do anything. While it is great to think you can do a project the reality of completing it is another story.

I decided our new house needed drapes I'm not talking about pre-made panels from target or bed bath and beyond. I thought we needed custom one of a kind drapes. Now why I didn't decide that one or two rooms needed these custom drapes I don't know... I guess the phrase go big or go home applies here. I didn't realize how much work it was going to be either. While we were in Atlanta we went fabric shopping with my aunts. Brian stayed home and worked on man stuff with my grandpa GB. He and my grandpa were so cute working on their projects.

Brian says when I decide to do something there is no changing my mind and this was the case with this project. I was determined to get drapes made for a long list of rooms...

Living room,
Dining room
master bath
1/2 bath down stairs
Sun room/Kitchen
Family Room

I had no idea how much work this project was going to be!!! Wow! My mom and I spent 12-14 hours a day for 1 week sewing and sewing some more. When we finally finished I was very proud of our hard work! The drapes look great and make our house feel more cozy. We LOVE LOVE LOVE them and could have never done it with out my moms help. Here are a few pictures.

We started with this...

We used the entryway to lay out the HUGE panels

Ellie helping out

Brian's Office

Formal Living Room

Family Room

The pillows we made to match

The kitchen/sun room (This is my fave)

Summer went by to FAST but was fun filled! I wonder what our next project will be?