Sunday, January 25, 2009

Home Improvement

The Kitchen Counters and Back Splashes Before....
Brian STARTING to cut into the walls
Ellie helping her Daddy! She doesn't like to stand on the cold tile or hardwoods so she balanced on Brian to keep her paws warm. She spent almost the entire day like this!!!
The new back splashes! The white in the corner is my flash reflecting!  What an awesome husband I have to just whip this out in a day!!!!
 More Back Splashes!!! By the Sink!!!

Last weekend we decided we and by we I mean Brian would put in full height back splashes and under counter lighting in our kitchen so this weekend we embarked on quite an adventure! Brian cut holes in all of our kitchen walls... cutting holes might be an under statement.... he took a knife and cut huge strips out of the walls. He then did a ton of electrical work and I mostly stood around watching and trying to be helpful. He got the lights in and then it was time to bring in the granite. Granite is to heavy for me so our friend Steven came over the help lift and place the back splashes. They put them in really quickly and Ta-Da.. a new and improved kitchen!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


We spent the holidays with my family and boy was it crazy! We had a great time! It was nice to be warm and hard to come back to the 20 degree weather we are having right now!  I miss them and it is harder to get on a plane and zip to LA for the weekend now that I live so far away. We were busy, busy, busy! We went to a ton of holiday dinners and parties, did some serious shopping, went to the observatory, cleaned out my parents garage, Brian put a microwave over my mom's oven, we went to the Getty Villa, hung out with our family, went to the Bush's Boxing Day party, played a lot of Rockband, went to the rose parade, and did some more shopping. They opened a Ti-pan 40 minutes from my parents house we went twice! Ahhhh how I miss Ti-pan & Rod Works!!! The pictures are more fun than reading all the details so .... enjoy!
Us with Santa at our family Christmas Eve Party!
Brian being a Shepard in the live Nativity at the Family Christmas eve party
Us at the Long Beach Canals..... Check out the house in the background
Our cute "Normal Family Picture" Emily and Hannah  are too cute!
At the Getty Villia in the Gardens
Brian checking out the LA Observatory's Basement
Now this is my kind of shooting star (it was made of 250,000 peices of star shaped jewlery and was a few hundred feet long)
A coyote we saw in Griffith Park. Creepy!!!
Playing at the Carousel it was built in the 1920's! I used to go there a ton when I was little!!!