Sunday, August 16, 2009

The After Party

My sister Claire nannies for a darling little girl named Alex. Alex is a pistol and always saying funny things for example she was calling Hillary's reception the wedding after party. I loved it and so this blog is about the wedding after party and by that I mean the 5 days we stayed after the wedding. If you are reading this you know that I like to have a plan and a schedule... it kind of drives me crazy when things are not planned especially for Holidays or Trips. I had been making reservations and planning activities for a month. I feel like when we are out there we need to do all of my favorite things, visit as many people as possible, and show Brian a few cool places LA has to offer.  Lucky for us my Aunt Carol and Uncle Steve let us borrow their car while we were out there. Thanks again guys! Here is a very quick recap of our trip.

This trip we...
did tons of wedding and family stuff
shopped down town in the fashion district and at the alley
went to a Dodger Game - they lost SAD!
went to the Los Angeles mesum of Natural History - I hadn't been since Prom
went to the Beach - with the Boyacks we love the Boyacks and miss them tons!
celebrated my 28th Birthday we had a fun party! (Brian got me a very very sparklie necklace and I am having a hard time not wearing it 24/7) 
went to Roscoes, in-n-out, north woods
meet up with friends for Pinkberry
had a hotel getaway (it is always fun to sneak away for a night)
shopped with my mom 
put away wedding stuff - a huge task
went to the beach with Hillary and James to take wedding beach pictures
visited the nethercutt car musem - I liked the phantom 4 rolls royce and the silver dusenberg the best. 
Now for some pictures!

Me and Stephanie at my birthday!

at the car museum

us posing by old cars

at the natural history museum

Claire our Dodger expert and us!

Claire and I decked out in our Dodger blue... check out the sunset!

Go team go!

Having fun at the game!


Hillary & James got MARIED!

This is a pic I copied from my cousins face book... It is the only one with the bride and groom
Garrett, Brian, Me, and Miss Nevada aka Lauren
You can see the tented ceiling in the background... we did that!

Me and Lauren

Brian and I taking a break from dancing! 

We went to home (LA) for my little sister Hillary's wedding. I went out the week before to help my mom and Hillary. We worked hard!  Hillary married James Reyes who has pretty much been her boyfriend FOREVER (I think they are going on 8 or 9 years) so he was already like family. We are excited to have another member in our family and My dad, Morgan, and Brian are all excited that there is another guy!  The wedding was beautiful, it was well worth our efforts.  We loved seeing friends and catching up. I don't have many pictures actually I don't have a single pic of Hillary and James on my camera opps!!! Once I get some I will post more.