Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top Sail Island & Family Fun

We went to our Aunt Melanie and Uncle Glenn's beach house for a fun weekend in the sun with them. I am pretty much ready to move there. Top Sail Island is beautiful. A couple of Brian's cousins were there as well. I had so much fun talking to Melanie and Cherish... they are full of great advice. I loved playing with and holding Baby Alaina, she is so stinking cute I wanted to steal her. I absolutely loved her beach wear!

Aliana soaking in the rays

Me and Alaina going on a walk

The girls... Melanie, Cherish, Alaina, and me.

Brian, Glen and Seth joked around and had fun catching sand crabs. They did a couple of improvements on the beach house but we spent almost the entire weekend on the beach (my idea of a perfect weekend). We took big long beach walks all together.

The boys

Sand Crabs


We all looked for shark teeth in the surf. Brian had just watched SHARK WEEK and he was a little nervous but braved the possibly shark infested waters.

Brian and Seth Picking up SHARK teeth

Shark Teeth Seth Found

The shark teeth the rest of us found

The GIANT sand castle Brian and Seth made.

Brian inspecting Seth's craftsmanship

The sandcastle

The boys resting after spending 2 hours building the sand castle

Us on a windy walk

On the sand

What a sweet view!

I love the beach!



Monday, September 20, 2010

Brian's Animal Fun

When we were up in Williamsburg for Labor Day Brian and Dave had a great time feeding all of the wildlife in the woods behind his parents house. We had a wonderful visit and were able to see lots of nature. We went to Cheatum Annex..(I prefer to call it cheetah man-x...sorry Dave!) it is a military base and it's gorgeous! We also went on a drive to look for deer. Dave knew a secret place on Jamestown Island were there were hundreds of deer. Brian was in heaven. I was sick so the only pictures we have were pictures Brian took of animals. Debbie and Dave have been feeding animals in there woods for a long time. Rocky the raccoon has been coming around quite a long enough that she has taught all of her 6 babies were the good food is. Here are a couple of spooky glowing eye pictures.