Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When It Rains It Pours

Wow! What a crazy few weeks. My mom and Dad both had surgery. My mom had her thyroid removed and there were some complications and some drama but it all worked out. My dad had a major hernia fixed (the doc said it was an abdominal reconstruction). As if both parents isn't enough for us to worry about my Grandpa G.B. had open heart surgery too. Since my parents are far away and my Grandpa is much closer, in Atlanta, we opted to go help out there. He was staying at my aunt Linda's and all of my aunts and uncles in Atlanta are doing a wonderful job of caring for him. We got there the day he came home from the hospital. We were able to do tons to help out, okay it was mostly Brian that worked SO HARD but I was there for moral support and to help with some planning. Can I just say.. I am so lucky to have a man that can do ANYTHING. Brian got so much done and helped everyone out.

It was great to see my grandpa and report to my mom that he really is doing well. We had a few teary moments where we were all thankful that he was alive and sitting with us. We also had fun visiting with my aunts and cousins.

We are so grateful that everyone made it through surgery and that they are all recovering and getting better. We just wish we could have been in Glendale to help with my parents too, luckily my sisters, Hillary and Claire, are doing an amazing job of caring for them.

Me, my cute Grandpa, and his heart pillow

Brian, Ellie, and Cody... The dogs had a great time too.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Career Day

Mr. Williams came to career day at the Bickett. The school I teach at is an "at risk" school and we did not have any parents volunteer for career day. Naturally I signed Brian up for it. He talked all about stone and rocks. He even showed some videos of blasting stone out of a quarry. The students kept calling him the "rock man". Once again I loved seeing him sit in the tiny first grader chairs. He was a great ROCK MAN.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had our first Halloween here in our N.C. subdivision and we loved it!!! We handed out candy with our neighbors Terrance and Lashanda, in our driveway (so trick-or-treaters would stay off the sod). We had TONS of trick or treaters. My favorite costume was a peacock with real feathers!

We also liked the teenagers with sideways hats and a boom box blaring Sting (really couldn't they find any rap.... or at least current pop music.. maybe some Beiber). They were "gangsters". When Brian asked them what they were they said "we are gangsters sir" all started laughing and told them they at least needed to be a little ghetto when they say they are gangsters. So they tried to say it again and the 2nd time it sounded like and English accent! That really made me laugh. I am so thankful that the kids in my neighbor hood think that gangsters say sir and just wear their hat sideways!