Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flash Mob

Last night I begged Brian to go to the mall with me...
This is why!!! There were approximately 3000 people.
See if you can find us we are in this video!!!

A Birthday Project

Brian woke up on his Birthday and decided he wanted to put in recessed lighting in our bedroom so he went to Lowe's and 3 hours later we had 4 more lights. We are going to add 2 more next weekend. I am getting better I wasn't even a little nervous when he started cutting big holes in the ceiling.
Ellie slept in the middle of the project mess

Happy Birthday Brian and Mom!


Sunday was Brian's 34th Birthday. He gets better ever year! The 19th is also my Mom's B-day! We wish we could have been with my side of the family to have a birthday extravaganza!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Our first Christmas in our new house!! We love Christmas!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thanksgiving part 2 – Jackson Hole, WY

We drove to Jackson Hole in a Snow Storm. Brian was white knuckling it most of the drive.

When we got to Jackson we went straight to Gros Ventre (you say it: grow vont) it is the Elk Refuge. We saw a herd of buffalo, some moose eating (I love all of the Moose), and of course lots of Elk. Brian was in heaven! After our Gros Ventre adventure we meet up with Jared and the fun times began. We love hanging out with Jared. We got to meet his current Girl Friend and her kids. They were really nice. They let us crash their family Thanksgiving feast. Brian's Dad, Bob, also came to Jackson. We had lots fun visiting with everyone, playing in the snow, and looking at wildlife.

Brian and Jared got up each morning and went Hunting. They did not kill anything but they went after a couple of big elk. It was a lucky week for the Elk! Due to crazy wind and -18degree weather the hunters were moving a little slow.

The first morning they went out hunting I tagged along to keep the truck warm and drive to pick them up. It was a crazy snow storm and the visibility was horrible but, the brothers were together and excited for their hunting fun to begin. Well, they were out for about an hour and I started driving up and down the road looking for them. I was starting to get really nervous then I saw Brian’s hunter orange in the distance. I got more nervous as Brian got closer. He was alone…where was Jared?

As I was watching Brian I noticed he was stumbling in the waist high snow. He was taking 2 or 3 steps then bending over and pausing to catch his breath. I started to worry that he was going to collapse. How was I going to drag him into the truck in this blizzard? Even if we wen't in the middle of a crazy blizzard how would I get him to the truck he is 2 times my size. How was I going to get him to the hospital? I had no idea where it even was! Was he going to collapse and be buried by snow and ice before I got to him? Was he going to turn into the iceman (you know the documentary they show every 6th grader)? I might have been a little dramatic in my worrying but that’s nothing new. I was full on panicing!

When he finally got close I parked Jared’s truck in the middle of the road… my husband was going to freeze to death…traffic laws don’t apply at a time like this. He was covered with snow and his beard was frozen with big pieces of ice in it and he was sweaty from hiking around in the deep snow. Once we warmed him up we went to look for Jared we found him in a similar state. The boys warmed up and were ready to do it all over again the next day.

One afternoon Brian and I were total tourists. We had fun shopping at all of the gift shops. I almost bought Brian some moose P.J's but they were sold out of his size. My treat connoisseur had to stop at the candy store and I had to take a pic of him. It was a cowboy candy store...he was in his element!

On Thanksgiving (after I made our food assignments) we went out snow mobiling. Bob came along and watched. He said it was to cold and dangerous for him. We all had so much fun but I don’t know If Jared will ever let me drive his machine again. The boys were telling me how great I was doing at driving in the powder. They built up my confidence a little to much. I got cocky! I might have crashed into a snow drift and got the whole front half of the snow mobile burried in the middle of the snow. Then I might have gotten the other one stuck while driving to get Brian so he could help dig the first one out. Yep I might have gotten not one but 2 sleds stuck in a matter of 3 minutes. Way to go me. That takes skill. It was freezing and the boys were covered in snow and ice. I think Jared had icicles in his eyebrows. After playing in the snow we headed back down the mountains to go to thanksgiving. We were having so much fun that we stayed on the snowmobiles longer than we should have.

We were running late for Thanksgiving. We were supposed to eat with Jared’s GF and her extended family. Jared was stressing about being late and would not let us go home and change. Let me repeat this HE WOULD NOT LET US GO AND CHANGE OUT OF OUR SWEATS!!! He made us go straight from snowmobiling in layers and layers of sweats and snow clothes to a Thanksgiving Dinner with strangers. PROBLEM!!!!! Now, I can play in the dirt, mudd, and snow but I do believe you should get ready for a Holiday Dinner!!!! Needless to say we didn’t stay at the holiday dinner for very long! We ate, talked, and went to change out of our sweats! Jared, I am planning my revenge.

Once we looked appropriate for Thanksgiving we went out and walked around down town with Brian's dad. We had fun hanging out with Bob and joking around. We took our Christmas picture.

We loved playing in the snow and seeing Jared, Bob, and everyone else.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving Part #1 – Salt Lake Adventures

We just got back from a fun trip to SLC and Jackson Hole, WY

Its no secret that I love Utah so when Brian and his brother, Jared, came up with the plan for us to go visit I was excited. We flew into Salt Lake and played there for a couple of days. Then we went to Jackson hole for Thanksgiving. Jackson Hole is where we went on our third date and we pretty much fell for each other there. It seemed like a good place to re-visit. Awww so cute, I know. We stared and ended the trip in Salt Lake so I am breaking this into 2 parts. Utah and Wyoming.

We flew in and went to Hotel Boyack (my God mothers house). While we were there we were able to visit with my brother, Morgan and his family, Valeri and Finn. His little boy is so cute! We meet up with them at Cabellas and herd all of Finn’s animal sounds. He thinks most things growl. We went to a BYU football game with Morgan. It was weird being back at BYU I kept looking around thinking “these kids look so young”…. I think this might mean I am getting old! While in Provo we stocked up on BYU Gear.

We were also able to visit with this long list of people:

My fabulous God mother Lori, and God Sister Lauren (and all the other Utah Boyack’s too)

    Katie Huburt: One of my favorite roommates….We went shopping just like old times.

    The Rowleys; Aunt Georgette, Uncle David and cousins, Calvin, Beckah, Sarah, Emily, and Thomas… They are so funny and we loved all of their jokes.

      We miss these mountains already!!!