Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Secretary of Education at Bunker Hill

Yesterday I was able to sit on a panel of 6 teachers and 3 parents and talk to the Secretary of education Arne Duncan. Now this isn't the state secretary of Ed... it is the BIG GUY!!!!  It was great to voice my opinions, and we all know i have plenty of them,  on what is working and what is so not! I hope what we had to say will help Arne make some much needed changes!!!! He is on a tour of 15 states so he may be coming to your state next! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We have a new nephew!  My brother, Morgan and his wife Val had their baby. He is such a cutie  and look at all of his HAIR!  He was born May 4th! They named him Finn.  Brian and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM!!! 

Air Show

Brian and I went to Langley Air Force base when we were down in Williamsburg a couple of weeks ago! Let me just say I'm a pretty GREAT wife because I had a fever and was way sick... but went on These adventures anyway.  Dave is retired from the air force... so he has lots of perks perks... and can get us on base. I think he was pretty important and ranked high but I am not and rank expert. All i know is that they salute him when they look at his military ID and that impresses me! Anyway, It was my first air show and I was amazed by how much power the thunder birds have. I kept asking questions trying to figure out how the air show demonstration was like TOP GUN only to find out Top Gun was about the Navy and not the air force. It was disappointing info but I got over it. Brian LOVED watching all of the planes and has already started planing our trip to next years show.


Beth was in D.C. for a math conference and I drove to see her. We went on a night tour of the monuments... mostly I talked her ear off!!!  It was so fun to see a familiar face and catch up! I wish we could have spent a couple of days together! She is as cute as ever! I miss all of you pony girls!