Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monster Tree Take 2

Yes we got another monster tree this past weekend this one was bigger than the last and required more work...what were we thinking!!!

Our new tree!

Jay and Jamie Helping Brian get it out of the truck.

Brian pulling it out of the truck with his 4wheeler.

Digging the hole...Ellie wanted to help

It was a little embarassing driving back from the nursery with this much tree sticking out of the truck!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

On St. Patrick's day I came home and saw new cabinets!!! YAHOOO!!! Brian put cabinets up in the laundry room! It is not a completely finished project but here is an idea of before and after... 

We still have to get a counter top for the lower cabinets, put the washer and dryer back and tile the floor but it is a huge improvement!

career day!

Mr. Williams Came to career day at good'ol Walter Bickett and he was a big hit. Hey, 2nd graders LOVE rocks! They especially like shiny colorful rocks, not to mention that they all think they need a "measuring  laser" to use instead of a ruler.  The fact that he is married to me did help his popularity. One of the little boys said "um Mrs. Williams he is a big dude, I would never get in a fight with him." I guess if Brian was a smaller man this student would have challenged him to a fight???  Brian did a great job and I was very proud of him! I forgot my camera so just visualize Brian sitting in a tiny chair taking to 2nd graders. It was funny!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Monster Tree

Brian asked the landscaper for his company about getting a new tree. He said he had one for $100. This tree was supposed to have a 3 inch diameter trunk. We went to pick it up on Saturday and got a MONSTER TREE... that was 4 times bigger than we were expecting. It took Brian and 5 other guys to get it out of the truck and in the ground. 

Our Old tiny baby Tree!!!


Brian staking it down.

The monster tree sticking out of the truck!

It went 10 feet past the truck bed!!!!

The roots, for being a tree they wrapped it up nicely.

650 pounds of tree roots!!!

It looks great we can't wait for it to get green and leafy!