Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Brian and I went and spent Christmas in Willimasburg with his mom and Step dad.  I used Dave's pictures because I didn't take many.. Yikes! It was my first Christmas away from my family so I was a little nervous about not being there for all of the Hawley festivities.  I missed and called them a ton for updates but I loved doing all of Brian's Family traditions and hearing about his Christmas memories.  I was lucky to spend  the holiday with  Brian of course and with Debbie and Dave I have grown to be way close with them and I am so thankful I am part of their family! 

We had a great time relaxing, eating, opening gifts and shopping. Brian's mom made all of his favorite holiday foods which I thought was super nice of her.  The Williams side of the family has a tradition that Christmas eve they all go out to dinner and watch a movie.  We went to the Center Street Grill and then saw Avitar 3D... we LOVED the movie it is very Fern Gullyish (Hey I liked Fern Gully too) we can't wait to go and watch another 3D movie  I am excited for Alice in Wonderland.

Debbie opening up a gift!

Us opening up gifts! Notice our cute Christmas P.J.'s

Ellie playing with her present from Grandma Debbie!

 Debbie and Dave feed animals in the woods behind there house so Ellie and Brian had a great time watching them. Okay Brian was watching them and Ellie was so excited about the Birds, Deer, and Squirrels that she was shaking,  squeaking, and bouncing up and down (look at her feet in the pic... she is mid bounce).  

The day after Christmas we went and met up with Brian's Dad, Bob his sisters, Jennie and Melissa. We had a good time and wish we could have spent more time with them.

We had a wonderful Christmas and can't believe it was the 3rd Christmas we have spent together! We hope you all had a great one too!

New Paint

So we changed some paint... cleaned some carpets and... good bye house with creamy yellowish paint, teal paint, hot pink paint, and UGLY vines.... Hello our new home!















After talking to some neighbors I have a little bit of info on the family who used to live here... 
This is what i know so far...

Single mother (a cougarish type)
1 Teenage son  (who painted a hot pink bathroom)
1 Friend of Teenage son who got kicked out of his home
2 Enormous Rottweilers (they were mean they bit the mail man... really they did!)
1 cat 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New House


We closed on our new house today 5 days after our original closing date! Here are some pictures of the new place. We have a busy week coming up with painters, carpet cleaners, and movers. I hope all of our scheduling woks out and we are moved in just in time me for Brian's Birthday and my first day of Christmas Break! 

Also, I have been rehearsing dorky movie lines to say while we move in (thanks to Carrie in the Sex in the City movie) I am sure Brian will be so amused!
My favorite part of the house!!!

The Front of our cute new home

Us on the porch

Our HOT PINK bathroom (the painters are coming over tomorrow) 
There is also a HOT TEAL bedroom

There are a ton of stairs... maybe it is a sign that it will be as great of a place as Hillcrest 98

Master bath - I can't wait to clean it and use it!! 
Don't worry the painters are getting rid of the tacky toll painting.... ASAP!!

Bonus Room (Brian is claiming this as his man cave)

Kitchen - I'm making Christmas cookies as soon as we are unpacked!

breakfast area/ sun room 

Dining room

As we complete projects we will post before and after pictures!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving in the ATL

We went down to visit my relatives in Atlanta for the second Thanksgiving in a row. We stayed at hotel Wolfgramm and of course loved spending time with the boys, Hamilton, Tate, and Eli...the other 2 Wolfgramm kids, Parker and Brooke, were in St. George having their own brand of Thanksgiving fun. We love staying with them and always have a great time playing and chatting with them.

The boys didn't play in the turkey bowl this year because Parker the super start athlete was MIA. Brian was relived, he was sore for a week after last years game.

We went to my Aunt Marge's new house (it is gorgeous) on Thanksgiving and of course had a great time visiting all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunts, and grandparents. The food was great.. it is still weird to me that they call stuffing dressing and cut in in squares like brownies...its a southern thing that my mom abandoned when we Californiaized. It was a huge crowd and a great day. My aunt has Port Marion china (every plate has a different plant or flower on it). I ate off the mistletoe plate... on our way over to the food Brian was humoring me and kissing me under plate i kept holding it over my head... a little cheesy but very typical!

We got to hang out with my cute grandparent one night and my grandpa was telling us amazing stories about his childhood.

It is nice to be so close to my family!!!!

Making Soap!! 

Me and Samuel.... he is an awesome wolverine!

The boys taking a breather from playing football!

We stayed with this little guy, Eli, and he is a riot!

Brian, Julie, and the famous wolverine!

New House Update

We were supposed to close this afternoon but it has been postponed due to the sellers attorney...UGH I hate waiting!