Tuesday, November 18, 2008


While we were having our early Thanksgiving in Williamsburg we went to William & Mary (the oldest college in the country). We also went to colonial Williamsburg, and the York Town battlefields. . We love walking around and playing the tourist... it is an excuse to do dorky/silly things!
Us goofing off!!! (Leaning to the right) 

Brian, Me, Debbie (Brian's Mom)

Brian and I with the founder statue @ William & Mary
Cozying up to Thomas Jefferson in Colonial Williamsburg...it is said to be good luck if you rub his head... You know we did!!!!

Enjoying the fall foliage at the York Town Battle Field

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Early Thanksgiving

We will be in the ATL with my family for Thanksgiving so we decided we needed to have a pre-Thanksgiving with Brian's Mom and Dad! Brian was very excited to have a few of his favorites... Nana's rolls, orange rolls, sweet potato casserole, brown sugar pound cake, mashes potatoes, stuffing, and all the rest of the traditional Thanksgiving food! Debbie taught me how to make some of their family recipes. We had a great time! 

Brian driving down to Williamsburg! Ellie sat in his lap the whole drive!
I was being the D.J. on the drive (3 & 1/2 hours)
Brian conferencing with his mom about what he NEEDS her to cook...
Post our scarf fest... now lest go play in Williamsburg!
Brian excited about the 4 bags of rolls that he was going to take home!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Brian and I have been SICK SICK SICK! He had the flu and I have mono... I thought getting it once and having my spleen almost explode was enough for one girl! How we managed to have separate illnesses is a mystery to me! Anyway, we have been coming home from work, eating dinner and laying on the couch, and SLEEPING! Here are some silly pics we took while we were feeling like Hell! I should have taken a pick every day do document the last 2 weeks of our feeling yucky! Wait they would have all looked the same us on the couch different hoodies! Being sick is not very fun!

We were sicker than we look!!!

Sleeping !

Even when is is sick he is cute!


Ok, I had the last Tuesday off and I decided it would be so much fun to stay home and pretend I was pretty much the best house wife ever, (really lets face it, I have mono and am supposed to be resting otherwise I would have gone shopping) While I was making the most of my "resting" I got all of the laundry done, cleaned the house, and even managed to make a gourmet dinner. Yes, I think I would make a great stay at home wife... I could surf the Internet find fancy recipes and spend hours cooking, and decorating, I just might polish silver too . On my domestic day I made sesame seared ahi tuna, (I even made the maranade, and a dipping sauce too), the sides were rice and green beans... but the tuna was DELISH and I Was quite proud of how it turned out because I had my doubts, at first the tuna looked like something I would find in the tide pools!!!

Once it was cooked it looked less like a spotted rock and more like something YUMMY!

Since I have such a great husband he raved and made me feel like I was the chief at a 5 star restaurant.  YUM!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ellie the little Princess! 
All of the Trick-or-treaters loved her costume!
Our Mantle all decked out for the spooky holiday!
Us in our Costumes... Princess Bride!!!! Oh Westley!!!

We have been ready for Halloween since the beginning of September! Yep I was a little antsy to but up holiday stuff in our home! Now I am dying to decorate for Christmas!!!! I have to wait until after Thanksgiving!!!

Sky Line Drive

We bought an annual pass to Sky Line Dr. It is a national park that is 150 miles long and sits atop the Shenandoah Valley. We had a great time looking at animals, I liked the fuzzy caterpillars, Brian liked the deer, seeing the leaves, and having a yummy picnic! I think this beautiful getaway might become a regular on our list!

Tractors, Tractors, Where are the SUV's

So I was at work and greeting the students as they got to school..I do this every other week it is what I do instead of recess duty...When all of the sudden I had to do a double take I saw a huge red tractor headed my way... More than that there were little boys riding on hay in the trailer being pulled by the tractor!!!! What!!!!! I thought kids were supposed to come to school on buses, or in mini-vans, or maybe a SUV....It is true in Bunker Hill they sometime arrive on tractors! Once I pulled my jaw up to its normal spot I ran to get my camera this was something that needed to be documented!!! It turned out that the kindergarten was having their own stay-cation and instead of doing their normal fall field trip they brought the farm on over... The high school FFA kids brought cows, sheep, goats, kittens, pigs, and puppies, they went on hay rides on the tractor it was intriguing!!!! I would have loved this when I was little!!!! 

Fort Monroe

I love the beach!!!
I was amazed the crabs tail was leathery!!
Being Silly!!!
Brian and I were looking out at Naval Ships!

We went down to Williamsburg and thanks to DAVE (he is retired Air force, I am still learning about the ranking but he was ranked pretty high before he retired!) he got us on to fort Monroe. It has a MOAT... a real MOAT! Yes a fairy tale &castles MOAT! It was actually built to protect against an attack from the sea.  It was neat to see houses that Abraham Lincoln stayed in and the cells where they jailed the leaders of the south after the Civil War. It was also fun to listen to stories about all of the rules Dave broke when he was a kid growing up there! I really loved playing with the dead horse-shoe crabs on the beach... I was amazed they were huge! I guess all of my dads tide-pool lessons when I was little paid off!!! We also saw a shark egg... I can't wait for our next Williamsburg adventure!


WOW! My life has changed so much...last September the only flowers I was worried about were the ones that got sent to my school! This September I have spent hours worrying about planting flowers in my front yard! I am loving the change! So, I have been reading about fall flowers, digging, fertilizing (eww), and planting! I will have to take some pics and put them up. I am very excited because our yard has some color in it!!! Brian has been very patient with this whole process because he can do anything, its true, he just knows how to do every possible thing I can think of for us to work on and instead of doing it him self (that would have been the quicker and quieter choice) he walked me through the entire thing so I could feel like I did it. AHHH! He really is great! I just hope I don't kill my new project too soon!

Fun WIth The New Family

We love visiting Brian's Mom & Dave

Brian using his COWBOY skills!!!
They were doing a reinactment... prople were sleeping in these tents on straw!
OUr cute family with one of the guards... The buttons on his uniform were all hand cast and they were IMPRESSIVE!
Ellie and her dad checking out the chicks of long ago!

Brian's mom and step dad live in Williamsburg... it is sooo cool!!! We have gone down a few times to visit and check out some of the many tourist hot spots there.... Ellie even got in on the fun!


Brian had to move all of my stuff across country... He came out the last day of the school year!!! As if the last day isn't crazy enough!  We filled up a huge 28 foot U-Hal here is a picture of just one of the rooms we unpacked this summer... Luckily Brian's brother (he is cute and single)  helped and made the drive with Brian. Then his family came over and helped him unload the truck... Thanks Fam!!!! I think it drove Brian nuts to go from a regular place to a home full of boxes, wedding stuff, and of corse HOME DECOR!!!!! By the way I miss Ti-pan something fierce!!!